Happy Easter!

HappyEaster2We had a nice Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, my daughter Whitney and her family were sick, so we were unable to spend the day with them like usual. We really missed them, but we’re going to do a “makeup” Easter dinner with them when everyone’s better. We will all get dressed up in our Easter clothes, have a nice dinner, and take pictures.

Our kids got up early and dressed for church, went on an Easter egg hunt in the house (Andy and I pushed that on them – they think they’re too big to do an egg hunt, but it’s fun for us and I think they secretly like it). I made some sausage to go with our Easter eggs, and then we went to mass.

EasterDay1Sky said I looked like a 50’s housewife, cooking breakfast in my dress, heels, and apron, so I posed properly for a picture!

Easter Mass was beautiful, and packed! We arrived a half-hour early, and still had a hard time finding seats. We love to sit on the one of the first rows in church (a tradition we started when our kids were little), but they were all taken. It was lovely to see everyone dressed up in brights and pastels, especially the children. I miss dressing my little girls in matching dresses and white patten Mary Janes!


After mass, we stopped at a park and took a few pictures, but it was so bright that the pictures didn’t turn out too great.

Easter Meal
We ate a modest, low-carb Easter dinner: I baked a spiral-sliced ham without adding the sugary sauce packet that comes with it, my own version of low-carb green bean casserole (better than the original!), and cauliflower “mac” and cheese. I skipped my homemade yeast rolls and Boston Market copycat sweet potato casserole that I usually make. Even though I  normally serve more food on Easter, I was very full after only one plate because when you are no longer relying solely on carbs for fuel, low-carb food fills you up. I definitely didn’t need rolls and sweet potatoes!


Green Bean casserole was easy to make into a lower-carb dish. I sauteed onions, garlic, and fresh mushrooms in butter, then added the green beans, some chicken broth, heavy cream, and Parmesan cheese. It was very yummy, filling, and not as full of carbs as the one I have always made with canned soups and milk. I did use some of the French’s Fried Onions, but not nearly as much as normal – only sprinkled on top for some added crunch and flavor. They are not terribly high in carbs.  The exact proportions of the ingredients and seasonings I used still needs some tweaking and adjusting – when I get it down, I’ll share my recipe!

In a few days, we are heading off to Disneyworld! We’ve been to Disneyland in California in the past few years, but it has been so long since we’ve been to Disneyworld in Florida, that Sky has very few memories of it, and Emma has none at all. They are both super excited about our upcoming trip. I’m excited to see how much has changed in the past few years!

Here’s a picture from 1999, when Whitney was 11, AJ was 3, Sky was only a year old, and Emma wasn’t born yet! (And I was young and skinny, without even trying, lol.) We also went numerous times while living in Tampa, when Emma was around 2.


Funny, I notice the blue strap across AJ’s lap, and am reminded:

Our first day at Disneyworld that year, Andy and I were constantly losing AJ, because like any normal, active, and curious 3-yo boy, he would run off ahead of us to check something out, darting in and out of the crowds of people, and we could not keep up with him. And he couldn’t hear us calling him to wait or come back. We were both so worried he would end up lost in a DW park and we’d never see him again. That first night, we went out to a local Wal-Mart and bought a “kid leash.” It was a huge stress-reducer, that’s for sure!

Happy Easter Season!

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